Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let Your Yes Be Yes

Last Friday at the Point O' Woods Golf & Country Club during the Robert Trent Jones Senior Men's Invitational, something pretty incredible happened. A caddy won a car without even swinging a club. Here's how it was described in the local paper:

Club member Stan Andrei of Muskegon was on the last tee of the last day of the two-day tourney when he turned to his caddy, Dave Maxey, 23, of Dowagiac, to recommend a club for the ninth hole.

Maxey admitted that Andrei hadn't been hitting the ball well that day, and he recommended a five-iron for the 165-yard hole.Andrei didn't think it was enough club, but Maxey, who had been caddying at Point O' Woods since he was 14, stuck by his guns.

Sitting near the course was a brand-new black Jeep Wrangler 4X4, valued at $26,500, provided by Don Brookfield Jeep Chrysler of Watervliet as a prize for anyone who hit a hole-in-one.

"If I get a hole-in-one, do you want a big tip or the car?" Andrei asked his caddy.

"I need a car so bad," said Maxey, who has been driving the same vehicle since high school. He chose the vehicle.

The breeze let up as Andrei teed off, and the ball hit left of the pin at a spot where it will usually kick left. But this time it kicked right.

Because of the rolling contours of the course, Andrei and Maxey couldn't tell whether the ball had gone into the hole. Another caddy indicated to Andrei that it was in.

"Dave, you've got yourself a new car," Andrei announced.

And, true to his word, Stan Andrei did give the car to his caddy. I wonder how many people thought about themselves in this story. Would you have given up the car after winning it or would you have figured out a way to wiggle out of your commitment?

"Let your 'Yes' be yes, and your 'No,' no, or you will be condemned."
Matthew 5:37

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