Thursday, July 03, 2008

God At Work

This past year I was privileged to be chairman of the 19th annual National Day Of Prayer Breakfast held in Toledo. The event was a great success.

This year I am serving on the committee while Bob Borcherdt, a great friend of mine and college basketball teammate serves as chairman.

We met last Friday to discuss the possibility of taking this to a whole new level and doing something that could help the entire area from a leadership perspective. Bob had an in with John Maxwell and asked if we should pursue that.

We all said "Yes!" We all agreed that this was a long shot to say the least and the only way it was going to happen was if God made it happen. Afterall, John Maxwell is probably the best-known teacher on leadership in the world and he is very difficult to book.

So despite the odds, Bob and a couple of others from the team crafted a great letter to send to John Maxwell's manager. Yesterday (5 days after the letter was sent), we heard that John has agreed to come for the event! He will also put on a 4 hour workshop that day (May 7th) in the afternoon.


We as a committee are still stunned and we almost have a sense of, "Yikes, what did we get ourselves in to?" We know much work is in front of us but we also know that God is making this happen and we just mostly have to stay out of His way.

Cool stuff!


Carol said...

Whoah! How awesome is that!
Carol B.

Jim Lange said...

Carol, no doubt, it is awesome. We truly didn't think we had a chance to get him to come here. His typical fee is astonomical and we couldn't pay that much. God is so good!

Thanks for checking in!