Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Sky Is Falling!

In the Toledo area gas prices have come down recently. Last week I even saw them sniff the $3.50 range. This was about a week after hearing on the radio that prices could hit $3.50 by year end because of the decrease in the price of crude oil and the decrease in demand (I guess our local gas stations didn’t know they could wait until year end to lower their prices to the current levels).

About a month prior to that, I had heard that we could see prices close to $6.00 per gallon within the next year.

Along the same lines, 30 years or so ago, I remember the media talking about how the earth could be covered by ice within the next 100 years as the earth was cooling down so fast. Today, all we hear about is global warming.

So how do you know what is true?

Certainly not from the media. We must realize that the "sky must be falling" for them to sell papers. The only place you can find absolute truth is in the Bible. Anything else is pure speculation.

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