Friday, July 18, 2008

He Gets It!

In my men's group this morning, Stu shared with us a story about how he had a really cool conversation with one of his company's distributors that led to a discussion about God. He went on to say that he has no idea whether it had an impact on this guy or not.

Well, knowing Stu and the way he is constantly looking for ways to help others, I can almost guarantee that it did have a positive impact.

One of my passions is faith in the workplace, the fact that we can live out our faith 24/7...even at work. That is what God calls us to do in the Bible. I know many people who go to church on Sunday and put on their "Christian hat" and then hang it on the peg on their way out of church so they can put it back on next Sunday. That is sad. We can and should be wearing our Christian hats all the time!

Stu gets that! We can all learn from him! When we do, we will notice a renewed energy about our work and everything we do. The reason for this? Because we will realize that everything we do has a greater purpose.

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