Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Truth At Work

Yesterday was an exciting day for me.

I heard back from Truth At Work that my application had been accepted and I was officially a Chapter President for Truth At Work for NW Ohio and SE Michigan.

I will be working on building roundtable groups with Christian business owners and leaders in the area.

This all started when I was chairman of this year’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast in Toledo. Our speaker for that event was Ray Hilbert from Truth At Work in Indianapolis.

After the breakfast, Ray and I spent a couple hours getting to know one another at a local Bob Evans. Little did I know that during our brief time together God was going to show up in such a big way.

We discussed the possibility of starting the Truth At Work concept in the Toledo area and I was very excited. It was as if God was telling me that this is what He has been preparing me for. So I decided to go to Indianapolis to observe one of their half-day sessions. This included a group of business owners and key executives who gather together each month to discuss issues that are critical to their personal, business and spiritual success. During this executive roundtable the group was guided through a highly structured and proven program that helped them advise one another on how to handle critical business and personal issues from a Biblical perspective.

I was so impressed by what I saw that I came back and shared this information with a few Christian business owners and leaders I know. I have received very strong and positive feedback.

I have discovered that Truth At Work has expanded to several cities throughout the U.S and I am now working to bring it to the NW Ohio and SE Michigan area. Very exciting stuff--Yea God!


Bill Wolfe said...

Congrats Jim. I think you're going to love starting a T@W group in your area. I have personally got so much out of my T@W group. Good luck!

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Bill! I am very excited about this.

Can you let me know some of the things you have gotten out of the group in Indy? Anything you can share with me would be very helpful as I get this kicked off here.

Thanks again!

Jim said...

Good luck with this new adventure God has you on.

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Jim! I look forward to sharing it with you sometime!

Take care, Jim