Monday, February 05, 2007

Get Off His Back!

In an article on ESPN's site, one writer says that Rex Grossman, the much maligned quarterback for the Chicago Bears should have been named as Co-MVP of last night's Super Bowl because of his lackluster performance.

This type of writing drives me crazy!

Here is a quarterback who won 15 games as a starter. He plays arguably the toughest position on the field. This is his first full year as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

I am not a Chicago Bears fan. In fact, I was very please the Colts won. However, when a sportswriter who may have never played a down of football writes this sort of thing it makes me angry.

The same was true with Peyton Manning prior to his team's win last night. He was billed as "the next great quarterback to never win the big one."

What a bunch of hogwash!

These two quarterbacks are at the top of their profession. The fact is there are 30 other starting quarterbacks in the NFL who wish they had played in the game.

Peyton Manning was talked about as the guy who could not win the big one because he is a great player. Rex Grossman is being criticized today because he is at the top of his game also.

Even though this type of talk does not sit well with me, the fact is that when anyone reaches the top of their game, criticism will follow. Even in our jobs and in our spiritual lives.

Are you being criticized in any way? If not, are you doing the best you can?

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