Friday, February 02, 2007

New Surroundings

Four weeks ago I took KC, one of our two cats (yes, we have cats - I like dogs also, but for now we have cats) to be euthanized (he was 14 years old with failing health). A week later we decided to get another cat so we brought one home from the Humane Society in our community.

When we first stopped in at the Humane Society, they had probably 35 cats in cages there waiting for families to "adopt" them. Each cat was desperate for loving and attention.

When we finally brought our yet-to-be-named kitten home he was extremely skittish. He would jump at the slightest sound and anytime we would walk toward him he would run away as quickly as possible.

At first I thought this was very strange. Here is this cat, who hours earlier was in a cage and desperate for better living conditions. Now he has what he wanted but he is scared to death.

Then it hit me - he was outside of his comfort zone.

This is no different than each of us. Anytime we grow, anytime we want better circumstances we need to get outside of our comfort zone. We need to do the uncomfortable and we need to do it in spite of our fear.

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