Monday, May 10, 2010

Amish Work Ethic

I read something very interesting the other day from Verne Harnish regarding start-up businesses. Most of us have heard that less than 50% of all businesses survive their first five years. But did you know that the survival rate of all Amish-owned businesses is an incredible 95%? It's true.

Check out the above short video. Perhaps they're on to something with this penchant for hard work, staying lean, remaining focused on what they do best and remaining humble. Do you think there's something in there for us?


Erik Wesner said...

Jim--thanks for posting this! Doing the research for this book was a challenge and very rewarding. I think there are some simple ideas which work in any culture--which you point out in your post. Have enjoyed checking out your blog--very positive reading!

Jim Lange said...

Thanks for checking in Erik and thanks for the encouaragement! I received this info from Verne Harnish and in my haste to post it, I didn't mention your book, sorry about that! I hope all goes well with that and it impacts many leaders! Blessings to you!

Erik Wesner said...

I appreciate it Jim!