Friday, May 21, 2010


Last week I posted about the importance of being slow to speak. In the post, I used a video clip of the Wood Brothers and their song, Loaded. I was highlighting a great lyric from the song, "Sometimes the tip of my tongue is the barrel of a gun, and it’s loaded."

Anyway, I had never heard of this group before Scott, a friend of mine, introduced them to me. In the post I made reference to the fact that this type of music makes me cringe.

Scott apparently thought that I was misguided so he brought over their CD for me to listen to. I have to admit, I was open to it but I didn't have high hopes. However, my mind has been changed. I actually liked it. I don't know that I would buy the CD just yet, but I have found myself singing some of the songs to myself this past week...pretty scary.

So, to Scott, and all you other Wood Brothers fans out there, I apologize for not speaking more highly of them. I have seen the light!


larchmeany said...
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larchmeany said...

Jim, I accept your apology, though it is unnecessary for you to apologize. You were misguided by poor video and audio quality. If that had been my only exposure to the Wood Brothers, I would have been skeptical, as well. I am just glad that you kept yourself open to them and that you have enjoyed them. By the way, you will have to purchase the CD, as I do expect to get my copy back from you.

sharilyn said...

what made this apology so delightful to me, jim, is that your original post was on the importance of being slow to speak... and you are apologizing now because you were too quick to speak about the group's music... it makes me smile... what a perfect example of what you were originally talking about! :)

and, as always, i appreciate your honesty and integrity displayed as in this post...

(hope i'm not the only one who caught the irony of this post?!?) :)

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Scott! No way you're getting your CD back! Kidding...I'll have it for you tonight.

Sharilyn, thanks for checking in and great comments. It never even occurred to me that I was speaking too quickly! God is too funny! Thanks for pointing that out!